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Footprint M2M offers the end-to-end capability to design, connect and manage machine – to – machine communications around the globe.

Coupling our global SIM in both UICC and QFN8 industrial form factors with the patented M2M middleware platform powered by Vodafone, we can provide you with the M2M product, coverage and professional services you need to enhance your business.
GlobalM2M Service Platform

Footprint M2M uses the Vodafone Global M2M Service Platform, one of the largest dedicated M2M carriers to date.

We offer all levels of GSM/UMTS-based M2M capabilities, from emulation of serial & POTS services all the way to fully managed M2M services.

Our platform-based services include access to our API-rich control mechanisms for real-time device, subscription & billing management as well as application hosting & managed device capabilities.
ProfessionalM2M Services

Footprint M2M is founded upon the very expertise trusted to initially design, build & manage Vodafone’s Global M2M Platform.

With a proven history, our professional services are geared to get you to market fast & efficiently - and keep you at the front of the pack.

Our expertise in cellular technology, data transport & communication service design combined with our M2M module experience means that we can provide an M2M service that best meets your business requirements.
mHealth & TeleMedicine
By moving health care monitoring into the home, the chronically ill and the aged population see a quality-of-life improvement
Smarter Metering
The ability to remotely manage electricity, water and gas utilities in every home will make energy providers more efficient
Intelligent Telemetry
Enhancing real-time remote measurement with intelligent control enhances business decisions, reduces operational costs and extends management directly into the field
Logistics & Tracking
Real-time location & status determination has changed the way assets are tracked & managed, improving both cost & control